Colorado Local SEO vs. National SEO: What Should You Focus On?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are two types to focus on: local SEO and national SEO. As a business, do you know which type you want to focus on? Let’s discuss this.

What’s the Difference Between Local and National SEO?

Both local SEO and national SEO can be beneficial to your business, but you need to understand what each means and how they can benefit you. In short, local SEO helps to focus your business on a specific area (i.e. Northern Colorado or Fort Collins, CO) and national SEO helps to expand your horizons across a national clientele. Now, let’s get into specifics.

Local SEO (And How it Works)

Local SEO is simply focusing your search engine optimization efforts on local areas only. If your business has a physical location or is service-based, you’ll want to appeal to people within a certain radius or geographic area. Local SEO will be your best bet for ranking in a local search.

For example, if you own a plumbing company in Denver, Colorado, you’re likely going to be focused on a local SEO strategy. Why? Because your best leads (and eventually sales!) will come from targeting potential customers in your service area. To implement a local SEO strategy, you’ll want to find out where your customer base is located and focus on those areas when targeting customers online. Here are some action items you can focus on to improve your local SEO now:

  • Use local keywords (like the city and state you’re in) on your website.
  • Create local pages on your website (specific to each of your service areas).
  • Submit and maintain your business NAP on directory and review sites.
  • Create social media profiles (and make sure to include your location every time).

National SEO (And How it Works)

When implementing a national SEO strategy, location isn’t the key to success. National SEO campaigns work well for businesses that aren’t restricted to a specific location (i.e. online shops, big-name national brands, etc.). It’s a little harder to tackle because you are now competing for top keyword spots with anyone online—not just those in your specific service areas.

For any major SEO project, it is usually best to ask for the help of an expert. Digital marketing professionals can help you decide what type of campaign would provide the best return for your business—local SEO or national SEO. And, they can help you build an effective campaign based on your needs.

We like to recommend starting with a local SEO strategy first. Ranking locally is much easier than taking a national SEO plan, and if you learn what works locally, you may be able to replicate success on a national scale. Need help? Read on.

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