How To Advertise Your Denver Business On Nextdoor

As a home service company, you’ve likely advertised on Facebook and Instagram. With Google search in mind, you’ve updated your company website—or had some creative folks design killer graphics and content for you. You’ve followed all of the digital marketing basics for small businesses, right? Not unless you’ve heard of Nextdoor. 

In 2019, Nextdoor has become the app to know for home service companies—and it makes sense. Who do you call when you want to know the name of a good local plumber, HVAC technician, or real estate agent? Your neighbors, of course. 

What Is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a social networking app for neighborhoods. Think of it as a Facebook group that you’re added to because you live in a specific place. Essentially, it’s a place for neighbors to connect, ask questions, watch out for each other, sell items, and recommend local businesses or activities. It’s essentially a neighborhood watch with added perks.

And, it’s something for local businesses to keep on their radar. Nextdoor has even begun to help users share information about popular local spots and businesses.

Claim your Nextdoor business profile

As a Denver business owner, you can claim your business profile on Nextdoor to update any contact information and keep your local listing up-to-date. You can also read online reviews and respond to neighbors on the app. Being active on Nextdoor can help you to establish brand awareness locally and build trust within the Denver area. 

How to Maximize the Benefits of Nextdoor

Want to make sure you’re doing the most to reap the benefits from Nextdoor’s service? Here are a few tips on how to maximize your time spent on the app as a local business. 

1. Tag your company.

When neighbors ask for recommendations, don’t be afraid to tag your own company via your personal Nextdoor account or your company account. If you have a social media manager or someone who’s in charge of your business social accounts, make sure they’re tasked with looking on Nextdoor for neighbors asking for help. This can be a quick “word-of-mouth” marketing tool that’s free for your company to utilize. 

2. Post offers and discounts.

Through your business account, you can also post special offers and discounts for your products and services through their new Offers section. You can even target specific neighborhoods that are local to your business. Having a summer AC tune-up special for your heating and cooling company? Post a coupon on your company’s Nextdoor account—and you might reach neighbors you didn’t know you had!

3. Don’t spam the newsfeed.

While the layout of Nextdoor can sometimes feel like a simple message board, you need to treat it like any other social platform. Don’t post too often or neighbors may feel like they are being spammed—and this action can harm their perspective of your company. 

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