How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy for Your Fort Collins Business

Social media is an important part of any business marketing plan in 2019. Neglecting to build online personas and creating valuable content on Instagram, Facebook, and the like will leave you fruitless in the realm of social media.

Want to create raving fans that turn into repeat customers? Having a solid social media content strategy is the first step to engaging these users on social channels. Here, we break down how to create a social media content strategy in three simple steps.

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy in 3 Steps

1. Plan your content

What makes your Fort Collins brand special? What makes you different from the competition around Northern Colorado? Figure it out and sell that idea on social media. Social media is all about storytelling, either with the purpose of educating users about your business or providing entertainment.

Our best strategy? Do both. Plan about 20% of your content around the idea of educating users on what you do and why you’re business is the best in your industry. Plan the other 80% of your content around entertainment. No one voluntarily follows an account that’s stuffy and boring on a platform made for engaging with friends—save that for digital ads and webpage copy. Make your social media followers laugh—and they’ll surely remember you!

2. Publish to social platforms

Next, you’ll need to decide on how you want to publish the content you’ve planned and created. We highly recommend developing a content calendar specifically for social media. Knowing what kind of content will be published and when will keep you posting consistently and set you up for success.

However, there is a method to the social media madness. When building your social media content calendar, consider the following:

  • Day of posting
  • Time of day
  • Type of content
  • And, brand persona

The day you post content (and the time of day!) is important to center around when your audience is usually online. If you don’t know this yet, we recommend researching industry standards and using them as your jumping-off point. You also want to have a range of content types to post—like videos, memes, static photos, and GIFs—to make sure your audience stays engaged. Brand persona, the last on the list, is to make sure everything you post aligns with your overall company image and overall standards.

3. Measure success

Lastly, any successful content strategy will have a measurement component. In order to optimize your social media efforts, you will want to keep track of numbers like engagement (how often users are commenting and liking your posts) and followers (people interested in your account). These numbers will help you decide what works well and what doesn’t resonate with your audience.

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