How to Pick Memorable Images for Your HVAC Website

We’ve discussed on the blog reasons why you should hire an SEO copywriter to tighten up your HVAC blog and website information—but what about photos and images? Many potential customers are visual creatures and having beautiful images embedded on your site can sway their opinions of your company. Here, we’ll discuss how you can pick memorable images for your HVAC website—and how this simple change can impact overall conversions.

Why Do Images Matter for an HVAC Website?

Creating content for your HVAC website that’s mostly text-based isn’t a bad thing. Quality information is important, but having visual content included can add even more value for your customers. To be honest, content with visual imagery is almost always more enjoyable and may even improve the likelihood of a user sharing your site on a social network (i.e. Facebook).

What Makes a Memorable Image for Your HVAC Website

What makes an image memorable? Well, when it comes to content writing, it depends on a few things: your audience, your topic, and the type of content you are writing.

In the case of an HVAC company, you’re writing to homeowners or businesses that need help when the AC goes out on a hot summer day. You want images that catch the eye and explain the problem. You don’t want intricate designs or explainer infographics.

Our best advice? Include the following types of images to really make an impact on your customers and keep them coming back:

  • High-quality stock images
  • ‘Before and After’ photos
  • ‘Meet the Team’ photos

Stock images are flashy and crisp. They’re often creative enough to seek attention without costing you the time to photograph the images yourself. ‘Before and After’ photos, however, should be the beef of your posts—customers want to see what they’re getting. Just make sure to take high-quality images and avoid blurry, low-light shots.

Lastly, any HVAC website can benefit from creating a ‘Meet the Team’ section or housing a group photo on the About Us page. Why? Because it gives potential customers peace of mind, when hiring any home service company, you’re inviting strangers into your personal space. Potential customers love seeing that you’re real people (and not an Internet scam).

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