What Your Website Needs for Better Mobile Performance

In 2018, an average of 50% of all global web traffic originated from a mobile device—that means your customers were searching for you on their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel...you get the idea. Your mobile website, in terms of look and functionality, is just as important as your desktop website. So, what does it need for better mobile performance? Let’s break it down into 5 simple mobile optimization tips.

5 Things Your Website Needs for Better Mobile Performance

1. Keep Your Mobile Site Simple

Mobile devices are small. The best thing you can do to create an excellent user experience? Keep your mobile version simple. Don’t overcomplicate the design—just make it appealing, simple, and easy to navigate. Don’t provide excessive information. Instead, decide what’s most important to a mobile user and create content that supports your theory.

2. Keep the Font Size Large

Again, mobile devices are small. Keep the font size large so users of any demographic can easily read your content without having to zoom in. We suggest using a 14-point font size and always writing in a Serif font (instead of making a stylized choice).

3. Make Sure it’s Dynamic

Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. Does your mobile site scale? You can’t rely on one mobile device size (like an iPhone) to cut it. Instead, make your mobile site dynamic and able to adjust the size on its own depending on the users’ device. This will create a more seamless experience for the customer.

4. Provide an Easy Scroll Menu

Nothing is more annoying to mobile users than landing on a website that’s never adapted from the “pinch and zoom” days. Instead of turning customers off, allow them an easy scroll experience by keeping your navigation menu short and sweet, too. Mobile users don’t have the time to scroll through a long list of options. You’ll want to reorganize your menu to use as few items as possible, without giving up important results.

5. Use Call-to-Action Buttons

If your customers are searching locally in Fort Collins or Denver, chances are they are looking for your site to schedule an appointment or make a reservation. Use call-to-action buttons to make it easy for them to navigate and contact you. Consider including a ‘click-to-call’ button, a maps section, and social media links for easier access.

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