Why Is Personalization So Important for Email Marketing?

Gone are the days of buying email lists and sending out mass campaigns with the heading “Hello Valued Customer”. It’s 2019 and your customers expect more out of each email, social media post, and website they interact with. Personalizing your email marketing campaigns is so important—but why? Here we’ll break down three reasons why email marketing personalization is the key to success in this new digital era.

3 Reasons Why Email Personalization is Important to Your Marketing Campaigns

Personalizing your email efforts not only brings a smile to the face of your customers, it helps you build connections, instill trust, and show a little extra effort.

Builds Connections

Email campaigns are only successful if your customers actually open them and devour the content. Sadly, an unopened email campaign does nothing for you or your company. Personalizing your campaigns can help improve open rates (and, ideally, click-through rates and conversions) saving your hard work from being tossed in the trash.

Instills Trust

In an age of fear surrounding Internet security, customers can be skeptical of businesses online.  When you fail to use a person’s name or personalized information in an email, trust surrounding your company could be greatly reduced. Why? Because customers have become conditioned to believe that introductions like “Hi Customer” or “Dear Donor” are spam. Non-personalized emails tend to throw up a red flag to customers looking to keep their information safe.

Shows Effort

Personalized email campaigns prove to your audience that you’re willing to go above and beyond. Not all companies have jumped on the bandwagon—especially small, local businesses. Taking steps to capture customer information and using it to make them feel special will set you apart.

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