Why Reviews are Important for Local Search in Denver

Every business owner can agree: positive online reviews are great for business. Often, they bring new customers and they bolster confidence in your brand. Whether you’re a coffee shop, Italian restaurant, or car mechanic, online reviews are beneficial. But, just how beneficial are they? And, why are reviews important for local search and local SEO in Denver, CO?

Why Reviews are Important for Local Search in Denver, CO

92% of buyers regularly or occasionally rely on reviews when making a local buying decision. But, reviews are more than just a positive remark on your customer service or business acumen. Local reviews matter for local search, too. Here are two major reasons why.

Google loves local reviews.

Reviews, positive or negative, offer third-party proof of legitimacy. If Denver locals are commenting on your business and using keywords that best describe what you do, then Google will begin to take your business listing online a little more seriously. Today, Google has begun to consider local reviews when ranking web pages, too. If you’re already engaging in traditional SEO tactics (actions that can get you to the top of Google’s search engine results), local online reviews will simply help you seal the deal.

Reviews offer legitimacy offline, too.

If you have a plethora of online reviews, potential customers are not going to question your legitimacy. If real people are reviewing your shop or service, you’ve already built confidence in future customers. The key to offline success, however, is to ensure reviews are positive. Online reviews are modern-day referrals—and you’d much rather have past customers singing your praises than tell neighbors and friends to stay away!

How to Gather Online Reviews for Your Denver Business

Online reviews can be hard to attain—even if you have adoring customers. You’ll have to create a strategy for gaining online reviews, and you’ll have to be enticing. Don’t expect reviews to happen overnight—but do take action to ensure reviewing is encouraged and easy to access. Here are a few strategies you might employ to gather online reviews for your Denver business:

  • Send out an email marketing newsletter with a reminder to review a recent interaction. Studies say that customers are more likely to review your company after a recent experience. If you have access to an email list with recent customers, send them a follow-up about their latest meal or appointment—you may be shocked by the participation. Don’t wait too long, though—if more than a week has passed, customers may be less inclined to comment, even if they had a positive experience.
  • Add links to your Google My Business and Yelp profiles on your website homepage. Creating a reminder to review on your homepage can be a game-changer for garnering reviews from clients. Simply making it easy for the customer will help you achieve your review goal.
  • Add a ‘Review Us’ reminder on to your business cards or takeout menu. Offline marketing isn’t dead. Depending on your type of local business, adding a link or QR code to your business cards, flyers, or menus might be the best course of action.

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