Will My Organic Rankings Suffer If I Don’t Have a Blog?

When you ask a marketing professional what can make for a quick SEO win, they’ll often ask this question first: do you have a blog? And, you may have to shrug. Blogging takes time, effort, and resources to pull off. It’s not always a viable option for a small business with few helping hands. But, now the seed has been planted. You might be wondering: will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog? 

Does My Denver Business Need a Blog for SEO? 

Content marketing and blogging with SEO in mind can definitely help you rank on Google for long-tail keywords and frequently asked questions. Blogging regularly will mean that you’re more likely to show up on Google for common searches surrounding your particular topic, plus it gives you a chance to become a thought leader in your industry. Here are a few other reasons why a blog might be a good idea. 

Blogging keeps your web content fresh.

With Google’s most recent algorithm updates, the search engine has prioritized fresh content (aka content that’s up-to-date and relevant for searchers). New content is likely more relatable to the searcher and pushing new content higher up the list can create a better user experience. If you’re not producing new content on a regular basis, you could be missing out (and your rankings may suffer). Blogging is a great way to create fresh content and explore your creativity.

Blogs are a great way to tackle internal linking.

Having an internal linking strategy (aka linking your landing pages, product pages, and blog pages together) is important to support rank. Internal links allow Google to understand how your website fits together—and it can confirm that by recommending your site to searchers they are making the right move. 

A blog can help you connect with your audience.

Landing pages convey information about sales, services, and how to contact your company. However, they can often feel dry and lifeless. A blog with lively and creative topics can help you connect with your audience, answer their questions, and show off your personality. 

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