4 Ways Your Home Service Business Can Close More Leads

If you own a service-based business in Denver—like an HVAC company, electrician service business, home remodeling firm, or even an Italian restaurant—you know that turning calls or website visits into sales is so important. But, oftentimes, you run into price shoppers or your leads just don’t go anywhere. Ask yourself why. Then, try out these 4 ways for home service businesses to close more leads.

1. Be prepared with all of the information

One of the best things you can do to turn calls into sales? Have your customer service representatives ready to answer any questions about your company, its services, and pricing. Potential customers are much more likely to seek service elsewhere if they do not get immediate answers from your representatives or by searching for you online.

2. Answer the phone (or your DMs) with a smile

Happy customers exist because of quality customer service. If you want more leads to turn into sales, consider training all of your customer service representatives on how to answer the phone (or a social media direct message) with a smile. Positive customer service experiences are more likely to keep customers coming back; negative customer service experiences will turn them away...even if you're the best plumber, electrician, or home remodeling company in Denver.

3. Build out your website with service pages

If properly built, your website can be your #1 sales tool. A well-designed, functioning website is the key to growth for service-based businesses in the digital age. Your customers turn to Google before they call you—and if you don’t rank or your website is slow and uninformative, they’ll look elsewhere. So, do an audit of your site (or hire a professional digital marketing company to take a look) and see where you can improve!

4. Encourage customer service reps to book on the first call

Your customer service representatives are your first line of direct contact. Want to convert more calls into actual customers—instead of price shoppers? Encourage your customer service representatives to engage customers with questions, take action on the call, and book an appointment before they hang up. Your best chance of securing a sale is to book an appointment‚ as most people will not cancel once the appointment is on their calendar.

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