Branding & Logo Design

Make Your Mark with a Great Logo

Your logo represents your brand: The collective values, culture and personality of your company that forms its identity. So, your logo not only needs to communicate clearly what your company is and what it does, it needs to be as unique as you are in a way that creates a strong emotional bond with your customers.

You don’t get that by throwing together some stock art at a cheap “$99” logo site.

You get that by hiring professionals who learn what makes your business work, share your passion for what you do, and know how to communicate visually.

At Beyond Blue, we only work with trained professional graphic designers who know how to translate your business’ brand into a visually compelling work of art. We won’t ever use “clip art” — your logo will be uniquely designed for you and you alone in a collaborative process that ensures your logo truly represents who you are.

How We Work

The first step in designing a great logo for you is to understand your business: what makes you unique compared to your competition, and what your brand stategy is. This is a highly collaborative process, and we may need to more formally guide the design process by creating "mood-boards" or show initial sketch concepts.

Design Options

We typically give our clients 4-6 original ideas after an internal process of concept development. From these we narrow-down the most promising ideas and present them to you. 

Refinement and Completion

After collborating with you, we refine the best logo for you, select colors, and define the standards for how your logo will be used, whether it is for digital, print, or other applications like embroidery or clothing.

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