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  • Union Door San Francisco Portfolio Item 1
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  • Union Door San Francisco Portfolio Item 3
  • Union Door San Francisco Portfolio Item 4

Project Elements:

  • Website Redesign & Rebuild
  • Photography
  • Online Advertising
  • Local SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
The original Wix web page.
The new Union Door website focuses on communicating their brand message and showcasing satisfied customers.

The Problem

In-person, Union Door was unmatched. But online, they were falling behind their top competitors. To continue with their growth, they needed a website that represented their brand as a local commercial contractor business with the most experience. The mobile responsiveness and overall experience was subpar and challenging to navigate. All image assets were aged and their local presence was practically non-existent. Advertising spend was costly without much to show for and their social media was a ghost town.


Taking their highly limited website off of Wix and rebuilding it in WordPress would be a good start in making a responsive website that no longer underperformed. By creating a custom design with simple navigation and new page build-outs, we would garner local attention as the best commercial door company in the region. We would need to create a re-engagement ad campaign that focused on property and business owners. A vast majority of the advertising budget would go to Google Ads to show up in search results.

More effort would need to be put into page build-outs, new content, and GMB optimization to increase local SEO presence. Frequent quality posting on relevant social media channels would help to establish trust with users and aid with local engagement.


From Wix to riches. After rebuilding their website in WordPress, creating a unique design that fits in the industry, launching new ad campaigns, reimagining their voice on social media, and focusing on their local online presence, the business took off. SEO and ads worked in tandem to increase conversion rates and brand visibility in various cities where the client never had a presence before. Social media boosted local trust and created a loyal customer base. Union Door is more so a staple in the Bay Area community now than ever before.
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