Marketing can be such a daunting investment because there are so many horror stories of companies partnering with the wrong firm. The thing that makes Beyond Blue so unique is how it was founded.

The Trainor brothers have all been business owners of local contractor companies and were fed up with wasting money on marketing companies that weren’t providing any leads or value. Hunter was working at one of the top marketing firms in the country where he realized most marketing companies charge you to make a templated website and take a piece of your ad money.

Every marketing  company's goal is to sign you up and automate the marketing. There isn’t a marketing company that has on-going digital, organic, and physical efforts everyday for your company. This is where Beyond Blue Media was born, we wanted to essentially be an extension of your business.

There wasn’t a marketing company that was providing all the physical, digital, and mental support that business owners need to actually grow their business. That’s where Beyond Blue Media was born. A one stop shop for all things marketing.

What does it mean for a marketing company to be one stop shop? When you bundle all of your marketing needs; website, digital marketing, business cards, templates, search engine optimization, etc into one service, it creates momentum. There is momentum because we understand your business as a whole through handling everything marketing related with your business. This saves overall time and money for you!

One struggle business owners face is that they have to manage and handle so many people just for marketing. They normally have a “hat guy”, “business card guy”, “shirt guy”, “mailer guy”, “digital marketing guy”, etc. We want to bypass all of those things and be the main point of contact for all of those things because we will truly be able to understand your company and your needs.

At Beyond Blue Media we aren’t looking for short-term partners, we are looking for clients that will become part of the family for years & years to come because providing value to a business owner is Beyond just leads.

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Written by Joseph Jones

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